"In Tattooed Millionaire, you all will catch a glimpse of the great businessman I am proud to call my dearest friends"

- Chester Bennington | Linkin Park

Tattooed Millionaire: Building the Club Tattoo Empire


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Read or listen to Sean's journey in creating his small business Club Tattoo with less than $8,000! 

Take the journey and learn about some of his biggest failures and the lessons he learned from them as a business owner and learn his secrets for success. 

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Peter Wink, High Performance Marketing Author

I got introduced to Club Tattoo by my wife, whose a customer at the Scottsdale Harley location.  
Was browsing around at one point and picked up your book and started checking it out.  I noticed you were a fellow Mason brother and a Tony Robbins reader.  So my first thought was this has to be a good guy.  :-) Anyway I bought the book and loved it.  I really enjoyed the candid nature of the book as well as your writing style --- conversational and no holds barred. What most impacted me was your fearlessness to go for what you want with no excuses.  I also enjoyed hearing about your dedication to your wife and kids.  And I LOVED the section on Pier 39 --- how you didn't compromise.  Compromise leads to stress, anxiety, and depression - which most people don't understand.  You were spot on with that decision!  Loved it. This is more than a business book - it's a book about holistic living.  Everyone who comes in the shop should walk out with this book.  While I love tattoos, I truly believe this was the gem of gems in the store and I was lucky enough to spot the gold. And before I sign off here, I wanted to mention how much we enjoy the staff, cleanliness, and quality at Club Tattoo in the Scottsdale Harley.  Brenna did a great job on my wife's half sleeve.  Sway also made us feel very welcome, as did Ryan, as did both receptionists we met. Anyway --- congratulations on the book and make today your best ever!     

inkspired magazine


In Tattooed Millionaire, entrepreneur, Club Tattoo co-owner/founder, and world-renowned piercer, Sean Dowdell tells the honest and humbling behind the scenes story of his business success. The book gives an up close and personal, inside look into the business mindset that has created the most successful collective of tattoo studios in the world. Through anecdotes and references to the philosophy that has guided him throughout life and career, Dowdell adds further depth and meaning to his storytelling. Inspiring and insightful, Tattooed Millionaire details Dowdell’s blueprint to success. Not only is the book a thought-provoking read, it provides advice and lays out the keys to success. His story of an entrepreneurial dream come true is a must read for not only those in the tattoo and piercing industry seeking success but aspiring entrepreneurs and dream-chasers everywhere.Dowdell, with his wife and partner, Thora, and partner, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park lead singer) have played a major and important role in revolutionizing the world of body art, tattoos and piercings alike, as well as tattoo studios. Club Tattoo has redefined the tattoo and piercing industry.

“When people ask me how I became successful in the tattoo and piercing business, the best short answer I can give is ‘desire, hard work, and determination…'” -Sean Dowdell 

Jack Magnus | Reader's Favorite | 5 Stars

Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire is an inspirational autobiographical work written by Sean Dowdell. Dowdell’s family was not poor, but they did have to work hard to provide for their family, and he grew up with those values ingrained in his belief system. He had a gift for learning and was in accelerated classes through his primary education, and continued to keep up with his studies through high school while working full-time jobs and putting together a musical group. A major upheaval in his life occurred when he and his friends were injured in a car accident, for which he would later receive an insurance settlement. While he’d use much of it to finance college, his first thought was to help his parents pay off some consumer debt. After that, he purchased the car of his dreams, a Chevrolet Camaro RS, and indulged in a sudden hankering for a tattoo. It was his first entree into the world of tattooing, and that first tattoo would change his life forever.

Sean Dowdell’s inspirational autobiography, Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire, is not your typical rags-to-riches story, but it does make for some fascinating reading. Dowdell has always been driven and is seemingly gifted with the stamina and endurance to achieve what would be impossible for most others. As someone who grew up attending Open House parties where local bands played, I particularly enjoyed his stories about his band, Grey Daze, the successes they enjoyed, and the inevitable stresses and frustrations that plague so many in that industry. His stories about that first tattoo parlor in Tempe, Arizona are fabulous, filled with anecdotes of the difficulties involved in starting up a new business with little experience and even less cash while still a student and touring with his band. His narrative is refreshingly honest and candid throughout, even if I did wince at some of the critical things he had to say about some interactions with people from his past. Can you make a million-dollar-business out of a tattoo parlor? If you’re Sean Dowdell, the proof is in his branded chain of Club Tattoo shops. Tattooed Millionaire: Building The Club Tattoo Empire is highly recommended.

Sefina Hawke | Reader's Favorite | 5 Stars

Tattooed Millionaire (Building the Club Tattoo Empire) by Sean Dowdell was a book that I found interesting especially because my sister just got her tattoo, which has awakened an interest of tattoos in me. The story of Sean Dowdell was inspiration to me not because he always succeeded, but in how he handled failure. Sean showed me that it is possible to lose in the short term, but to win in the long term. The stories included in the book were not all just about his life as a tattoo shop owner, but also how he got there and stayed there. There was one story where Sean hired a man for his shop who had stolen equipment from another tattoo shop and the owner of that shop hired a biker to kill the employee. The bike arrived while Sean was at the counter and Sean while being scared for his life handled the situation with an impressive appearance of calmness while getting the biker out of the shop without killing anyone. Overall, I really enjoyed learning about Sean and his Club Tattoo Empire, but even more than that I loved how inspired I became by Sean’s story.