Public Speaking

Business Development and Mentoring

Sean has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs over his career and always enjoys giving insight and helping others grow their business.

Being a Leader in a Diverse Environment

Sean has been successful over multiple business platforms including Tattoo & piercing industry, jewelry design, apparel industry, and real estate.

Innovation | Successful Marketing

Sean has a patent for jewelry design and software development and has always looked at new exciting ways to push and create within any industry he finds himself in.


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Dynamic Women's Network

Motivational speaking on entrepreneurship 

Where: Las Vegas, Canyon Gate Country Club

When: February 22-23, 2018

APP Conference & Exposition

Successful Marketing: An In-Depth Look at Analytics, Efficiency & Measuring Effectiveness

Where: Bally's Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

When: June 11-17, 2017

SEMA 2017

Motivational Speaking 

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center 

When: November 3rd, 2017

Reviews & Endorsements

Nicholas Martin | Owner/Founder: Body Vision, Los Angeles (BVLA)

From ink to black ink! The story of my good friend and colleague Sean serves to inspire and teach us all.  His business acumen, humility and his ability to recognize and grow from his mistakes have set him apart in our industry as its most successful member. His vision has blazed a path for others to follow.  


Randy Aguilar | Caeser's Entertainment

 I had the great pleasure of meeting Sean and Thora in 2015 when I was looking for a unique use to go into our revitalized LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Being a tattoo novice (I have none) and after speaking to a few others in the industry, I was beginning to get very weary as to whether I should move forward in this direction. Due to my lack of knowledge and interactions with a few other groups, though I knew that the tattoo industry was becoming very main stream, I just for whatever reason couldn’t  find a group that I felt was on the cutting edge of technology, were innovators, were well funded and had built beautiful stores.  Most importantly to me was I wanted a group that were great business people as opposed to those who treated their business as a hobby. After spending 15 minutes with Sean and Thora I knew I found exactly what I was looking for. Not only were they passionate about their industry but they spoke my language in regards to business. They run their company as ef ciently as any Fortune 500 company that I’ve ever dealt with.  Their attention to store design and technical innovation is incredible. Most importantly, they understand what many brick and mortar stores who exist in malls or hotels do not, which is to succeed at a very high level they must aggressively market themselves. They don’t depend on the property  to bring them business they bring business to the property. In summary, Sean and Thora are simply the best and I can honestly say out of all the deals that I have done in my career this one ranks at the very top!  


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Author & Successful Entrepreneur

Phone: (480) 264- 2016